Script To import any object placed to m3 editor.

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_dir = getdir _x;
_object setVariable ['M3E_dir', _dir, true];
_object setVariable ['M3E_pitch', 0, true];
_object setVariable ['M3E_bank', 0, true];
_object setVariable ['M3E_followterrain', false, true];
_object setVariable ['M3E_position', position _x, true];
M3E_insertedObjects pushBack _x;
forEach allMissionObjects "All";
call M3E_fnc_loadSpawnedList;



Enjoy, Saved tons of time :)

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If say you have a mission sqm or spawn some objects in and then load up the m3editor, You run this code and it will add the objects to your list on m3 editor so you can extract them or move them around. Otherwise those objects wouldnt be in m3editor. 


So for example if you used the new eden editor to do your traders and convert it to the public branch and run m3editor with the mission it will not show up. Run that small bit of code on the escape menu and tada, You can edit with m3editor now. 


Or you execute the script initserver.sqf that comes in your missoin file in singleplayer and run that bit of code you can now edit the default trader cities and export them. 



Probally not alot of people will use it but hey. It takes a lot of time re doing traders and such


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Mangos, you Sir, are the real MVP!!!

Was having issues with the M3 editor and it crashed every 10-15 minutes from some memory issue so I had to use the Eden editor. This finally allows me to export objects for my server. Thanks!

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