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The survival aspect (health, hunger-thirst system etc.)

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I know this is mentioned partly on the big post made by Boxman80 called Improve Exile - A Wishlist (43 Suggestions & Growing!) but i would like to highlight it a bit more because i think it's one of the most important parts of the mod.

In my opinion the survival aspect of the mod is really poor, why even have a hunger-thirst system when it's not even an important element of the game it's too much focused just on the killing/shooting. You can cross the whole map diagonally with one or two cans of food and bottles of water. I think a more realistic, depth health, hunger-thirst system should be made at the core of the mode what you are doing right now-the basic things and I know you don't want to add to much content until the mod is fully stable but that should be one of the most important, basic elements of the mod-bleeding, bandages, morphine, passing out, body temperature, blood levels, and a more depth hunger-thirst system. It would make the mode much more interesting and the fight would have much more depth and all other aspects of the game as well. That would make the mod so much more awesome to me. You would really have to survive, actively, gather resources and be smart not just shoot other guys shooting at you and you could help other players and the hospitals would be a point of interest worth fighting for and so on. I hope the devs will read the post and think about it and you guys, I really want to hear the community's opinion on this and if you agree with me.

Peace !

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