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Crafting Upgrades

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I upgraded my gate and only one side of the gate is metal. The other side is still wood. Is the whole gate considered upgraded or do I have to upgrade the front and back of it? Is there any information on how much damage a wall can take both upgraded and non-upgraded? I've heard 3 satchels and I've also heard 5-7 satchels.

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Fortifications only appear on one side of the object.

Fortified objects cannot be destroyed.

Unfortified objects seem to vary. I've put over 10 satchels into a wall to have it just stand there laughing at me
Other times I've taken a wall down in 6 or less satchels. I've also completely fucked my base with an RHS AH1Z for shits and giggles.

Arma yo, don't expect consistent damage.
Do some "science" and find out for yourself, it's part of the fun

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