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Exile Freezes - Arma 3 Bug



I have been getting three kinds of problems during the past week (I think it was after the change to .35 version), all related to freezing.

  1. I get stuck on the loading screen and it freezes on me, having to force exit the frozen game.
  2. I load the game and manage to hear sounds for a split second, the screen goes gray or black, often I can see the chat (snapshot, it gets frozen as well.), then I have to force exit the frozen game.
  3. The one I'm getting the most right now, is; I can enter the game, and move around like usual, BUT if I look at a certain direction, like into the town of Esseker, I freeze immediately, otherwise if I look at the forrest, or anywhere outside of the town, I can move and play exactly like usual.

My attempts at fixing it:

  1. Verifying Arma
  2. Removing a DirectX dll, then verifying.
  3. Removing my mods and putting in fresh ones.
  4. Resetting my launcher
  5. Resetting my general settings
  6. Lowering settings
  7. Changing priority on arma to max
  8. Changing Malloc to System
  9. Changing MaxMem and MaxVRAM
  10. Enabled and Disabled Hyper Threading
  11. Forced Nvidia to do V-Sync
  12. Resetted my Nvidia settings
  13. Deleted my Profile mp_missions map in both documents and %appdata%.
  14. Probably something more.

I love the Exile mod incredibly much and this is heartbreaking for me, having the game not being able to be played is such a tradic event to my life of Arma.

I thank all whom might know the problem, or at least helps me in the bit.

http://pastebin.com/AV9DnnbF <-- This is the .rpt file i'm getting.

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I have the exact same issues!! Two days ago I stated getting problems 1 & 2 on server "A".

It appeared after I randomly crashed whilst driving around, after that I started getting black screens even trying to connect. Switched over to server B.

At server B I was playing a few hours flawlessly yesterday until I suddenly crashed and got the same old black screens when trying to reconnect. I tried various things but what actually removed the black screens was deleting the contents from the "Arma 3" and "Arma 3 - other profiles" in the documents folder.

Now I can connect to server A and B but I get random freezes at various locations so it's unplayable.

It should be noted that I can play on other servers with different mods (eg. EUTW servers) without any problems!


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