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No joke.. I'm a one man operation trying to admin and take care of one server while getting another one ready. I've had some personal friends come in and admin for a bit but they got bored and went back to other games. I have so much on my plate it's ridiculous. I need a couple trustworthy people that want to admin a server and not abuse the admin tools. Fairly low-pop server, never more than 20 on at a time. Players are all pretty decent, you wont have many troubles and I dont have a whole bunch of rules that you will have to enforce. I try to let players resolve most of their own issues. Most you will have to do is answer questions and maybe reimburse some people and watch for hackers/dupers/glitchers occasionally. 

If you are interested in helping get a new server ready I wouldn't mind some help on that front either. Maybe if anyone wants to join forces or something I would def consider it. It is becoming harder for me to do all this on my own. Ideally I'd like to just work on server related stuff while a group of admins can take care of the player base. 

If you are interested in admining or joining forces feel free to send me a message. Thanks for reading!

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