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19 hours straight - losing my mind



Sometime yesterday I installed @mas, and everything was working perfectly. Then I swear all we did was restart and all hellbroke loose. 

Everyone was getting stuck at the "Watiing for server to load."

All mods were enabled, hell I could even see infiSTAR load in the bottom right before getting stuck at "Waiting for server to load."

I went through RPT and found:

8:20:30 Missing addons detected:
8:20:30 mas_weapons_m4
8:20:30 mas_weapons_pack
8:20:30 tryk_backpack
8:20:30 mas_weapons
8:20:30 mas_weapons_ak
8:20:30 mas_weapons_nw

How could they be missing if they were in there working at one point?

It's been a very long week getting this server together and I really don't want to have wasted all that time over something like this.

If you know what could help fix this, please chime in. I can give you whatever data you may need. 

Thank you

EDIT: The mods I have installed are TRYK, A3XAI, Ryanzombies, Mas W&V, infiSTAR


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Are you waiting for the server to completely load? Maybe you should try the locking option in the exile_server_config to keep the server locked until it is ready to accept players into. The biggest issue with the server loading is the spawning of the dynamic vehicles. The more you have spawning the longer it will take to load. I have my server on the australia map and i had it set to spawn 3 vehicles every 2200 meters and it was taking 20-25 minutes for the server to fully load and be ready to accept players, but i put that down to 3 to 3000 meters and now it only takes 7 minutes to load on a restart.

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Hey thanks for your reply, after hours of troubleshooting and my host telling me the problem is on my end, it was actually on their end the whole time. 
Long story short, switched hosts.

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