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CUP Weapons Adding to Traders

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How can i Added the CUP weapons Mod and im trying to add them to the traders, can anyone help?

	class CUPWeapons
		name = "CUP Weapons";
		icon = "a3\ui_f\data\gui\Rsc\RscDisplayArsenal\itemacc_ca.paa";
		items[] = 
	// Cup Weapons
	class CUP_Weapons_L85							{ quality = 1; price = 550; };
	class CUP_Weapons_SCAR							{ quality = 2; price = 600; };
	class CUP_Weapons_AA12							{ quality = 3; price = 500; };
class CfgTraders
	 * Weapons, scopes, silencers, ammo
	class Exile_Trader_Armory
		name = "ARMORY";
		showWeaponFilter = 1;
		categories[] = 

What am i doing wrong i get to the traders, the guns are black and i cant purcase :(

My Steam screenshot of the Problem

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of course, im gonna try the Mas Weapons instead

If you are going to do the same fail, mas weapons will not change anything..^^

You need to use the correct classname to add the weapons.

The L85 for example is


Try to add that instead of



It will work, you will see.. :P

For all other classnames, take a look at the cup wiki


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