Using Building Materials to more stuff.

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Me and my friends talked about the current situation when it comes to building materials and we had a couple ideas. 

For example when it comes to ropes.  Let's say you kill an enemy. You can drag him just like you can in Wasteland. And for example using the rope to hang them around your base. But you can only drag people which you've killed in your base or around your base. Hang them up like a trophy for example. This sounds pretty weird but imo it would look cool. Would also be cool to maybe put people in your car after you kill them to bring them back to your base for example..

Also, this can not be hard to make but something i've wanted from the start. Signs.. Just a simple Wood sign you can place in your base and you can type what you want. 

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Funny thought: 

You can bound players to a car with a rope (dead or alive) Would love to see the animations/physics while driving with them.

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Was it one of those " THIS WOULD BE COOL TO TROLL PLAYERS" moments?


I can just imagine all the colorful sayings on the signs around the map.


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