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So, clearly the devs are not yet at the balancing phase of this mod, but what if we the server owners, players, or admins would want some form of loot balance already? This is where this project comes in. I'm in the process of first and foremost looking into what weapons should be available where and when, but also other loot; such as vests, camo uniforms, and so on. This is all of course based on a certain "philosophy", ie. the type of balancing I will be doing will be progressive, tier- and location based, factored on "desire/usability".

Note: This balancing will take @hlcmods into account


Weapons will be classed in line with the current system (0-3), the more damage output, range and accuracy (eg. sniper rifles), the higher class the weapons will have. Meaning that the more lethal a weapon is, the higher will it be classed. For example, a weapon with 7.62 ammunition will have a higher class than a weapon with 5.56 caliber. Note, this is based on the weapon, not the ammunition type supported (ie. hollowpoint in @hlcmods). 

The class will also then determine the probability-factor of finding it, the higher the class a weapon, the rarer. Hence, sniper rifles and very heavy machine guns will be the rarest. Pistols and low-caliber SMG's will be very common. Also the two shotguns in @hlcmods will be more commonplace. 

The reasoning behind this is so players will have to work to find the better guns in the game, but still have access to a higher diversity of weaponry. This means that the lower tier weapons will be more easily available.


Armored vests in ARMA are incredibly effective, a plated carrier rig can effectively stop up to 7 rounds of 5.56 ammo without killing. Finding this type of expensive military gear will be hard. The classes for protection will thus be relative to how much damage they can take. Again, progressively the more a piece of armor stops and the more it contains, the higher the class, and the more rare it will be.


Ranging from duct tape, to sheets of metal, or instadocs, scopes, bipods and backpacks. Again, the more effective a piece of equipment is, the higher class it will have, and the rarer it will be simply based on the attractiveness of it. Making duct tape, instadocs, and axes immediate class 3 items, and thus more rare. This system will NOT have players spawn with maps, walkie-talkies, water or compasses. You will have your prison uniform and your XM8, that's it.


The default economy and prices are rudimentary, we are (without modification) forced to have a 50% sales market, which means that if you price something that is easily obtained too high, the economy will reach inflation, and thus countermand the progressive "end-game" type nature saught. Thus the class 3 items are going to be VERY rare, otherwise you can simply have the end-game gear in minutes by just purchasing a bunch of them after selling enough fuel trucks. 


Nothing of military nature (except for a few items of camo clothing) will ever be found in residential, industrial or non-military facilities. This includes vests, ammunition, and so on. This means there will be no assault rifles in residential areas. These will be found in military compounds only. This includes optics, silencers and other attachments to weapons. 

Residential areas will have some simple weaponry (a few pistols, a shotgun, or primitive SMG's) but otherwise survival material will be found there (food, water, clothing, cooking pots, matches, etc.) - residential areas will have compasses, GPS, maps, and such as well. 

Industrial areas will spawn all types of building materials, including some kits. 




The first public version will be available as loot tables, market tables, and a few instructions for the mission files. After I've tested the settings some, a first public version will be released as soon as it is tested enough. I will be releasing a version with @hlcmods included and detail what you need to do in terms of balancing with vanilla. This balancing will not support any other mods. 



This has been discontinued. Most of the changes are already going to make it into Exilemod 0.9.36




Please comment, criticise or come with other input below.

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