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Have you ever wanted to be part of something? Have you ever wanted to be part of a team? The Dark Sector Gaming community is about a special type player who wants to get the most out of their team experience. We don’t want you to run off and lone wolf that objective, we would rather you jump on that grenade and save you’re brothers!!! We base our community on being structured, not serious.  Gaming is all about having fun.  


The Dark Sector community doesn't stop there though. PC gaming is one of the most underrated gaming mediums. Let's join together and build a great community of like minded individuals. 


We are currently recruiting players for leadership positions and all else below.  If you think you have what it takes to be responsible, to be a leader, to make good moral and ethical decisions, we might just have a spot for you. Above all else we are recruiting mature players.  




DSG was the brain child of two friends.  We knew that there was a lot of tactical mil sim communities out there, but they were extremely inaccessible to a lot of people.  It always seemed to be a lot of strings attached and rules involved to joining these other communities.  We also learned that a lot of them expected an unrealistic amount of time devoted to the community.  With having kids and a family I know that I could never join such a thing.  This is the beauty of DSG. Its a no strings attached community and only expects as much as people can give.  This community is perfect for the weekend warrior type, that is looking for something a little more substantial then just popping into a server with random players.  




There currently 3 ways you can contact me for information about our community


1. Teamspeak : IP -  dsg.teamspeak3.com


2. DSG community G+ page :  https://plus.google....788689526963632


3. Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Ephdup


Give DSG a thought.  Come stop by the community page, steam message, or drop into our team speak.  


thank you all,



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Were Looking for other groups/clans to come join us in are PvP server of exile running ryansmod, missions and other cool features.

We want Group v Group action so maybe u guys should check us out, 

Were {DzD} DayZofDestiny 

Are website is:


All are info is on there. 

Feel free to pm me on steam 

steam: {DzD}Warwick815

Hello Warwick,

I appreciate your invite to come join you guys on your server, but its a little tacky and distasteful to advertise your server on a post where I'm trying to recruit members to the DSG ranks.  I appreciate you contacting me, but there better ways to contact me. 

Thank you, 



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If you guys can't reach me on team speak, make sure to leave me a message in steam or on here in the forums.  Sometimes I'm extremely busy with other things.  

Thank you,

Ryan Passage

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