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{DzD} DayZofDestiny is now recruiting new members to join are team and expand. 

Hello Fellow Groups / Clans 

{DzD} is looking for other Groups / Clans to come join us in PvP action. 

Were looking to get as many other groups and clans as we can to come join us, we love PvP action of hunting other groups down and ruining there day. 

so please join in the fun, 

the idea over time is to create a league for arma groups to battle out for there clan or group to come on top of the leaderboard.

feel free to check us out via are website. all are info is on there. 

looking forward to seeing you..... maybe even killing you. who knows.

Join us at: DaZoDestiny.enjin.com

Any Questions Feel Free To PM Me Via The Website.

{DzD} Warwick815 

Community owner. 



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