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Hello everyone,

First of all my name is Joery aka rubyE  i am one of the owners of Jointheforce Exile server and we are searching 1 or 2 Developers that are willing to make this server/community bigger.


I am one of the members of Jointheforce Gaming Community for about 7 a 8 years and i started off with playing Arma 2 for a long time and now we are playing Arma 3 almost every day and that is why we started a Arma 3 server. First i started a Arma 3 Altis Life server and now we are running a Exile server.

The gaming community is not only about Arma 3 but in every game you can think off but we are the ones that focus the most on Arma 3.


We are interested in people that have the time and know how to build up a server and the community of course. Our Team of admins is 5 in total but i am currently the only person that knows how to develop a server. So to have an extra pair of hands would be great.

So are you interested, active, friendly, mature and good in developing? Than you are the right person we need in our team.

How can you contact us:                                      

- steam: n1kezr

- teamspeak: ts.jointheforce.net in arma series channels.                                                    

-Our Exile Server Website: www.jointheforce-gaming.enjin.com

- Ingame:

We hope to see you around.

May the force be with you.

Greetings, rubyE


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