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Assistance with Custom Server Scripts

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Hello all. I am in the process of setting up a new Exile server and I am running into a few issues along the way with some of the custom scripts that I am attempting to add to the server itself.

My two largest issues come in with infistar anti-hack and DMS missions system.

With infistar I have been having two primary issues. One being that if a player upgrades their base they are kicked from the server for "hacking" due to an issue where the person's XM8 Respect value does not properly register the new amount that they have once the amount has been spent to upgrade a plot pole until after he or she relogs or respawns once. I have seen this issue on numerous servers but never once have I seen one of these servers kick you for it. In my case infistar sees this incorrect value and considers the player to have attempted hacking in more respect points client side and kicks them. I have not found the proper work around for this yet nor have I found a post on this as of yet. I am likely overlooking said post and it would be super helpful if someone could lend a hand.

My next issue with infistar is that if a player somehow earns an absurd amount of pop-tabs or respect ( like over 100,000 ) infistar starts seeing this player as hacking for having too much collected respect and pop-tabs even if it has been earned honestly from killing roaming ai and players. I have bumped into this issue in my test server. I have talked with a few other server owners I know who have not reported this issue but at the same time they have never actually tested a player having that many pop-tabs. Personally I like pushing things to the extreme.. thus the entire reason for a test server.. find all the bugs before you go live.

If it counts for anything we have the Exile specific version of infistar running on our server and the most recent edition as of a week or two ago.


As for my issues on the DMS mission system.. I cant seem to remove the "remaining ai" counter on the map marker for the mission. Once again I could simply be overlooking a form post on this matter.. or it could even be somewhere within the nearly 400 pages on the DMS mission system page itself. If so, it would be much appreciated if someone could link me or fill me in on the piece of script that I am overlooking.


A few things I am looking to add to my server that I am still searching for solutions on is the problems of...

- Adding custom vehicles to traders such as the Ghosthawk for example.

- Customizing the storage space of the vehicles at traders

- Being able to lock custom vehicles like the Ghosthawk

- Adding custom Admin-only skins for vehicles.

- Editing the damage value of specific weapons for both players and ai alike such as RPG's and Titan missile launchers.


If anyone is willing to aid me on these topics it would be greatly appreciated and I feel positive there are others out there looking to add similar things to their servers that would enjoy the information as well.

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