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Tobias Solem

Bomb defusing minigame

Would you like a bomb defusing minigame?  

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  1. 1. Would you like a bomb defusing minigame?

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( This expands from a bomb defusing mod here:  - original idea by cobra4v320)


What if satchels, explosive charges, etc. came with minigames to defuse them? For example a series of lights, and a few wires to cut? 


How it would work:

* All bombs have to use a timer with a minimum time set of 5 minutes. 

* The shorter the timer is set, the easier it is to defuse

* After timer runs out, and bomb isn't defused, bomb explodes

* Making a mistake when defusing the bomb makes the timer run down twice as fast



The minigame would consist of at least 2 parts:

1. A code, or a series of lights/numbers that have to be repeated in the same sequence. 
2. A series of wires that are connected, clues would be following a curcuit-board and each type of bomb having instructions in what order to cut the wires.



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