Dedicated server, running.. cannot see it or connect to it

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I've just signed up but i've been searching around these forums for an answer but haven't had much luck, I have been given a dedicated server (from a guy who runs a server company) to play with for a few months to learn how to run my own game ervers etc

It's a windows server and I have full access. 

I have followed the procedure on this tutorial: and also been reading various articles online about dedicated servers including the ones from this forum.. but generally stuck to the one above^^ (and mysql works etc..)

Now I think I have installed everything correctly; The server console  version 1.52 : port 2032 is reporting this to me:

20:35:48 Dedicated host created.
20:35:51 Host identity created.
20:35:51 Game Port: 2302, Steam Query Port: 2303
20:35:51 Mission Exile.Altis read from bank.
20:35:52 Roles assigned.
20:35:52 Reading mission ...
20:36:01 Mission read.
20:36:01 Game started.

The problem that I'm having is that I cannot find or connect to the server, and i'm not sure 100% which IP address to connect to. I don't have a client version of Arma 3 on this server/or on the account which runs the server (it doesnt have Arma 3, but as far as i'm aware thats not required).

So I've tried using:, tried remoteing to the IP address from their in Arma 3 from my pc but nothing shows. I've tried using ipconfig /all and connecting to the ipv4 address the same way but nothing shows. I've tried searching for my server but nothing shows.

I tried making some edits in case the issue was caused by something like the title of the server, so i escaped the . chars using this:

hostname                            = "zXGaming\.co\.uk Arma 3 Exile Test (0\.9\.35)";

in the config.cfg file..

Not sure what to try next? :)

Could it be that the server is only hosting locally on LAN/the way i've set it up? I'm not sure as I'm quite new to this as you can probably tell. Where would I go from here? If you need more info let me know, thanks


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I've just done a check to see if the port 2032 is open and it isn't, i'm going to try and open it..

Haha I was about to say port forward it, also it looks like battleye hasn't been initialized,  if you want to keep your server a little more secured from hackers you might want to get that working bud.

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bl4ze also you can use google and type in Myip

It will display your current IP address if your unsure.

Firewalls to the server can cause most of it, like portforwarding needs to be done correctly. When running multi servers you need to allow ports greater then 10.

hope all is working.

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^Thanks, yeah I need the guy who owns the server to set me a static IP address and also open the ports which he's kindly going to do.. It seems for an Arma 3 server there are many ways to run it/including the auto restart/auto crash functions.. I think im gonna struggle implementing those properly. I don't know the easy way to get battleye to run when my server does but i'm gonna try a few other install/setup's and see which one works and is best

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