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I'm completely new to server development, I don't script but I guess i'm messing around with setting one up for fun education purposes.

When I sell something at the Trader, it gives me 0 PopTabs and the amount of humanity's worth of PopTabs instead.

Just wondering if anybody knows what this is / how to fix it off the top of their head - Thanks! :)

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I would say watch when you mess with your trader prices. There is the Quality and price dont mix those. Otherwise glad you got it fixed.

Welcome to the community. The only way to learn is jump in head first. Remember to back up every file before you change it. Once your changes prove to work then that becomes your new backup. This is something I learned the hard way, like most things I learn.

Or as I do, got 2 folders, 1 called Patch (Full Exile Server Installation) *Test server* and 1 called Live (Full Exile Server Installation *Live Server*

But don't be as stupid as me, and accidentally edit files under Live, that's cause mayhem! I've learned that, the hard way several times, even twice last night 9_9 

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