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Can not get cpbo to work.. HELP!

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Rented a 100 slot server, got all the files I need uploaded, got the command lines set and have Chernarus map running and working on my server. The problem is no loot/vehicles are spawning and the blue safe zone circles are missing. I've read THIS about modifying the exile_server_config in the @exileserver and putting in Hollows fix. But, I can't get cpbo to work on my computer and every other pbo unpacker does not work on Arma 3 .pbo's or the program is broken.


I have cpbo on my computer, but when I run as admin and open the file, I get the prompt to associate all pbo files with cpbo, click ok and get the prompt that it's done. But my pbo files are still not opening/unpacking.



Tried THIS trick to put a copy of cpbo.exe, copy the exile_server_config in the folder and adding -eexile_server_config in the target line of the cpbo.exe copy but get the prompt


I've tried everything I can and still can't edit the exile_server_config to enter the loot spawn fix.

Is there anybody who's willing to send me a copy of their file with correct loot spawn locations, correct trader locations and such?


I'm running Chernarus, MAS weapons and MAS vehicles. My command line is


I have the mods and keys all correct also.



But without the proper fixes to my exile_server_config in the @exile server folder I can't even see if the weapons and vehicles work...

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has all the files you need to do just about anything with pbo. I would reccomend uninstalling any other programs you have for pbo edits other than the arma tools and installing all of these. once they are all installed I use eliteness the most to de-pbo, de-rap, make pbo's (except for terrains but thats off topic) and a whole bunch of other stuff.


Also once you have all the mikero stuff installed, then take a look at my post over here that goes through the steps in detail to move to a new map from scratch.

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