[SOLVED] Characters not properly loading from database.

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All players are generated, even saved correctly to the database, but when they leave and join back from the lobby they spawn in a peculiar way (That is, on a random island, with no character model, with a messed up view (sorta like first person prone, but at all positions and even in 3pp), and no items.).

I guarentee this is an Exile/Database bug. I have tried all other options available, but none seem to relate or work.

Video and/or specific log files available upon request.

I have followed the installation tutorials for MySQL and extDB2 thoroughly and cant figure this one out.

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Follow this guys tutorial all except you do NOT use his @Exileserver\addons folder, as it is outdated.

He has download links to the fix in the description and it is the MOST STRAIGHT FORWARD thing you could ever look at.

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