which helos can airlift

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For people who want the complete list:


Helicopters with the Sling Load ability:

MH-9 Hummingbird: 0.5 tonnes (500kg)
PO-30 Orca: 2 tonnes (2000kg)
WY-55 Hellcat: 2 tonnes (2000kg)
UH-80 Ghost Hawk: 4 tonnes (4000kg)
CH-49 Mohawk: 4 tonnes (4000kg)
Huron: 10 tonnes (10 000kg)
Taru: 12 tonnes (12 000kg)

Sling Loadable vehicles and objects
Wheeled vehicles

Kart: 150 kg
Quad bike: 280,8 kg
Hatchback: 1090 kg
Hatchback (sport): 1090 kg
SUV: 1600 kg
Offroad: 1615 kg
Offroad (armed): 1615 kg
Truck: 2400,04 kg
Truck Boxer: 2509,4 kg
Hunter: 8306,6 kg
Ifrit: 8392 kg
Zamak Transport (covered): 9375,48 kg
Strider: 9700 kg
HEMTT 10 842,8 kg
Zamak Transport: 10 867,8 kg
HEMTT Transport: 10 942,9 kg (untested)
HEMTT Transport Covered: 11 026,2 kg

Water vehicles

Assault boat: 565 kg
Rescue boat: 565 kg
SDV: 2600 kg
Note: Not the motor boats!

Temp Storage Small: 500 kg
Temp Storage Large: 500 kg


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Good question! I can't find the file either; if it exists.

I have some guys who claim to air lift  with a mohawk, and others who can't get it to work.
I have never towed or airlifted with a chopper (yeah, go figure), so I don't know the mechanics, or how to.

We have a mohawk that spawns, and guys have airlifted, lets say an off road. But others tell me they don't get the
"hook" option. I tried it, and don't get the hook option either. So, I'm confused.

I did get the hook option with a taru (transport).

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