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Failed to purchase vehicle 13# - Dumb Aircraft Spawn


Hey guys,


i got massive problems setting up Aircraft Traders on a custom map.

I put one at the end of a road, one at a Airfield and one on a Hill.

the only one that works is that on the hill .. but he spawns helicopters at the hill side, so their sliding down a bit...


The one at the Airfield is pretty bitchy about his position, just centimeters make him not spawn anything, even if the whole airfield is empty!


I dont think the functions works here correct for searching a safe location , or is really poor adjusted.

Also the Aircrafts spawn far, far away from the traders position (up to 300 meters!), which can cause them to not be in a safezone anymore.


Any way to fix this? I searched for minimum distance of vehicle spawning and found something with 60 meters, but couldnt find it anymore , and moreover dont want to change this as 60meters sound pretty solid.




-> This is just for Aircraft Trader, Vehicles seem to work fine!

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		if (_vehicleClass isKindOf "Air") then
			_position2d =
			    (getPosATL _playerObject),


See the number "40"? The game looks for a safe position 40m wide to spawn the choppers. Try lowering that number to 20. Worked for me.

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