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So, I think it's pretty safe to say that these forums are populated by mostly threads about setting up the server with mods x, y, and z or any combo and how the user is having trouble getting them to work. I also see a lot of servers that run perfectly fine with those same mods. For whatever reason though, it seems as though most of the server operators don't mind dropping little hints to get peoples stuff working. These threads will go on for pages when the server operator trying to help could very easily just share their working files (depending on what it is). For stuff like loot tables, or different map/terrain missions or different map/terrain trader positions, or whatever it seems like a lot of the replies just leave breadcrumbs for people to follow. Not cool. (I know sometimes that leaving breadcrumbs and hints is all we can do to help a user out, but that's what this project is aiming to fix)


So today I want to start something, maybe it's already being worked on for the next version or something (I hope so, if it is can a mod just delete this and pm me) What I would like to start is a compilation project of working clean server file sets to redistribute to the users of this forum to assist in setting up servers without all the hassle the it currently requires.


I think github may be a good location for something such as this, but if anyone has any other ideas for a better repository that would be great. Ultimately it would be best we could do *all* of this by taking advantage of Exiles class CfgExileCustomCode. By using the custom code class, we can actually have all the code in place to handle whatever set of mods a user wishes to run. All the end user would have to do is comment out the stuff they don't want, and uncomment things they do want in the config.cpp of the mission file and then pbo it. Eventually this could easily be put on a webserver and the enduser would just check what mods they want and hit download, boom theres your .pbo (lets get it working with the comment lines first though ;) )



The Project could be broken into  these groups:

Terrain Changes - getting all the stuff in order for custom maps, cfgbuildingloot is the main one for this, along with mission files initplayerlocal.sqf and mission.sqf

Addon/Mod Changes - getting the most popular mods to load, drop as loot, and play nicely with each other

Overall Changes - giving the end user a little more ease of access to popular settings that would otherwise require tracking down which file the setting is in and editing it manually.


A lot of these things are already done if a person does them manually and I hope that the mod devs that have posted content in this forum will allow us to include their great work.

Basically what this project aims to do is have a central spot that a server operator can goto and set up how they want their server to be without all the hassle; I ask for contributions of your working server files (exile_server_config.pbo and exile.<terrain>.pbo) from other server operators who would be willing to share their hard work of getting different mods and terrains working.

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