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Cannot switch thrown weapon


In my normal arma3 setup I use number "4" key to cycle my thrown weapons (usually between grenades and smokes). In exile that is (hard-coded?) set to 'holster weapon' so I've bound keys 7-0 inclusive to 'cycle thrown weapon'. None of these keys work. To swap between grenades and smokes I need to put all of one type on ground then pick them up again, which is not really practical in a fight :)

Any ETA when this will be added to the custom UI?

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error in keys

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Thanks guys, I'd changed the default mappings because I thought CTRL+G was too clumsy for my playstyle now that Arma3 has given us the number keys to play with. It seems, however, that the Exile Mod has 'reserved' ALL of the number keys for it's own use (would a dev care to comment?) and we can't do anything with them.

I have added CTRL+G back into my mappings and it does, indeed, work properly :)

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