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First i want to thank everyone involved in playing or creating the exile mod. This game is something special for me and you guys are doing a hell of a job breathing life in this survival simulation.

But playing exile mod makes me wonder if the utilization of bases nowadays is really what it should be. Were talking about a survival game, evading all the factors that may kill you. And if you have to kill someone to survive you better don't think twice and pull that trigger. All good. But after a long scavenging run for supplies, weapons, cars or whatever u finally reach your base. A place of safety, a place to slow down the action and take a break. Thats what I relate with my bases.

But looking around in the world of exile all i see is retarded looking towers one higher than the other, build ,as close as the server allows it ,to key positions serving one mission only : Have a lookout that gives you a strategic combat advantage to kill other players and take their loot with a nearly 0% chance of losing something yourself.

I know how to avoid those places and I am not saying its some kind of imbalanced idea, all i want to say is that this kinda ruins the idea of a world full of exiles with nearly 0 civilization. You leave a abandoned city grabbing a bag full of supplies and on your way "home" you pass 10 400 ft. high "sniper-lookouts" made our of wood?? Erm, nope!

So after another evening playing with my group we found ourself discussing this matter once again. I came up with an idea i felt like sharing here so i can fetch some feedback and find out if were the only group feeling this way.


The Problem: So the main issue in base fighting is, that the base group doesnt really have a risk of losing something. So go all in ,shoot everywhere and if you end up dying have one of your mates gather everything and go again. This behaviour needs to be punished!  if i start a fight from within my own safezone, this safezone cannot be a safezone just for me.

My idea : Playerbases work like safezones, your weapons cannot harm anyone standing outside and you cannot get killed just standing inside. If you see someone near your base and u feel this guy is a threat, or you just dont like his face, go to your frequency jammer and deactivate "safe-zone-mode". Start shooting him, teach him a lesson but beware!  

Deactivating "Safe-zone-mode" will unlock all the entries to your base and lockboxes/safes inside of your base. You wanna have a fight from your base? So prepare to lose something yourself! 

Random troll1337 : "Haha easy my friend deactivates safezone i kill a guy, insta activate safezone again and loot, xaxaxaxa"

Ya go for it, your friend will learn that you can only change the "mode" of your base once in 30 minutes. So if you wanna start a fight from your base u better prepare to get raided"

This idea will completly change the way bases work. We will have tons of fights around bases and there will be an actual reward. And not only a kill message.

"I have to open my doors if i want to kill someone standing outside of my base? Okay so ill prepare my base for intruders,don't you dare entering these doors!" 

I'm not a native speaker but i hope i could give you an idea of how this could work out. So please let me know what you think about it.


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All in all, I like the idea.

For me I want my base to be my safe zone. Period. I don't like the idea of someone being able to breach it at all! but that's a different post.

However, I feel a lot of these problem you're having could be solved / improved if you play on servers that have clear rules on building (and are actively admin'd)

For example, on my server we only allow building

  • Outside of cities 
  • Not in military installations 
  • 2k from traders 
  • 1km from spawns 
  • Not allowed near, on or over main roads.

These rules alone get rid of most of the problems you've mentioned above. Furthermore with 0.9.36 dropping which restricts bases to 2 per player and restricts the height (to the lvl of the base), we won't be seeing these big sniper bases any-more (I can but hope).

Just my 2 cents.


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isnt this a problem since arma2 dayz mods with building options? 


its just you have no real goal here...

go step by step:

land->find loot -> sell loot -> buy better loot(example - better weapons) -> shoot people

build a base -> stuff it full of loot -> use this loot(weapons...) -> shoot people

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