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Hi, i cant figure out on my server where to adjust the amount of caps a new spawn joins with, does anyone know? Thanks!

I also want to install zombies and demons! but cant get that to work either!

Also, im having issues with with loot spawns in some towns. Some towns work, others dont, no clue why, i have made a custom loot table and so on, but its not always spawning. I am playing on the map Esseker.

Send me a message or leave a comment! thanks!




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To clarify, you want a new player to your server to start with x number of pop tabs, and either players lose their tabs on death or they only receive those new spawn tabs the first time they join?

Assuming I understand you correctly, there is no line in any config for what you want to do. Either scenario above would require modifying core files that edit the database. I'm not entirely sure if this is a simple or complicated fix. Ill take a look and let you know If i find something, also check the forums, I seem to recall a similar question out there along the same lines.


For Exile loot in general, keep in mind that it can take a while for loot to show up, also keep in mind the distance from the player loot spawns. I use Esseker, and you really just have to be patient sometimes. That said, your custom loot tables will only work with the buildings Exile recognizes (by default this is just Arma 3 buildings). In towns with more Arma 3 buildings, you would see more loot if you didnt have any buildings from AiA added to the CfgBuildings, just above the loot tables.

I use this solution:
But make sure to COMMENT OUT EVERYTHING BELOW THE #inclued LINE IN CONFIG.CPP--> this caused me a lot of issues :)


Hope this helps you!

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I also have zombies and demons working, its fairly straightforward. Add the modules and game logics and edit them to your preference. I can give you more detailed help if you need it.

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Ok so if you want to make the default number of pop tabs for new players something other than 0, you need to edit the data base. I'm not learned enough in SQL to know how to edit the database after its been created, But I can tell you how to do it before you create the schema

I'm using the schema file found in

So you drag the schema into the workstation and all that like you have probably already done successfully. But before running the script, scroll down to line 23 which says

  `money` double NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',

Change that zero to what you want players to start with, like 10 or 100 or 317, then run the script. The schema it creates should make the money table have the default value for all new players.

EDIT { Ok so there's that way, but I just learned an easier way that will edit your current database. so go into your MySQL Workbench. Open a new script, then put in this code, set the value to whatever you want (I used 10 as a test) and run the script:


if you open the schema and look at the tables and their attributes, the default for 'money' in table 'account' will be 10 or whatever you set it as. }

If you want to make it so characters lose their money on death and start with the default, you need more trickery than I can provide. Its not terribly complicated an Idea, but it would take time and a fair amount of work. Search around a bit if this is your goal and put part together as you find them, I know people have made poptabs lost on death somewhere.

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Found an easier fix

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This is the way i have done it and it works fine for me:


1. Open MySQL - connect to your database by double clicking on your MySQL connection

2. Find your Exile SCHEMA and expand it

3. Expand Tables

4. Right click on account - Click Alter Table

5. Find the Column Name money

6. Under the Default change the value from '0' to '2000'

7. Change the value to what ever you want them to start with - include the '' too.


Hope this helps a little.




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