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Hookers 'n' Blow #2 - TAVIANA!

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Hookers 'n' Blow


Are pleased to announce that we have done it again...because our players asked!

Hookers 'n' Blow #2 - Taviana is now LIVE


Server IP:


Required mods:

@Exile (obviously!), @AllinArmaTerrainPack (1.4.1), @ASDG Joint Rails (0.16), @Cups Weapons (1.2.1),

@RHSAFRF (, @RHSUSAF (, @Ryanzombies (2.8) & finally @TavianaA3.

All MODs can be found -> HERE

On all our server we strive to provide you the player with an immersive PvP & PVE environment...HOWEVER, this is our Taviana server here so we don't spoon feed like other servers, this server is a survival will get shot at, you will get killed, you will find loot, but at a cost to your you dare break from the spoon feeding and try to survive?

We have been asked by a few people why we don't do what all the other communities do and give 10k-50k starting cash....LOL because that's spoon feeding to get players...if you want spoon feeding then go for it, we're sure your mommy's will change your diapers too. But if you want to actually play a SURVIVAL mod like it should be.. we are the place to be!


We have a healthy number of active admins.

These admins also like to play our servers, so even if you don't see them with their HnB Admin tags on...they may be still there just in case something goes on or rule breaking occurs.


We have a Team speak for anyone who plays our servers, no matter the genre of the game or game style, as we welcome all.

TS Server IP -


We also welcome you to join our site and forums as we announce updates, rollouts, competitions and general chat for all members of the community:

Our site and forums can be found -> HERE.


So as your probably wondering...what do you run on this server to "wet our whistle" or panties...whichever way your inclination takes

Current Server Experiences & Addons:

Custom Status Bar - Thanks to our friends at SoA
Roaming AI - Not like the normal "Roaming AI"...these guys are seriously… they make really good cupcakes.

The Original Home of Isis AI Mission System is back online on Sector B!

Multi-Mission System

Heli Crashes

Custom Traders - 3 Cities, and 4 small outposts

Fire, Safe and Tents can be placed without Territory.

Custom Weapons & A2 Weapons (the old fav's!...including AS50 and Thermals)

Custom Vehicles

Integrated Lift & Tow for all vehicles

True Taviana Building Loot Spawns!

Sector B - DEATH ROW!

Isis Incurions and Isis Islands

Zombie Hordes

Admin Run Competitions on Weekends - This weekend - Rocket Cessna Dog Fights!

(In-Game Cash prizes, Items & Vehicles) 


Standard Hookers 'n' Blow Features - On ALL of our server as STANDARD!

AI Missions System for all your needs!

Isis Missions, AI & Zombies

Low Ping for US and EU alike..why...because we can do this!

High FPS.


Active Admins.

Increased View Distance .

DDoS Protection.


Coming soon to HnB Tavi


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