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Exile Koplic - Mission.pbo and exile_server_config.pbo

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Here is a gem of a terrain that I am surprised more people aren't running on their server. Koplic is a 73sq km terrain that uses all arma 3 assests. What that means is it doesn't need all in arma, or anything else running.

It has a great balance of buildings, military, and forest areas making it an excellent terrain choice for exile. Also, tree's work, meaning you can build bases :)


The terriain is not without problems however, and there are no bridges on the terrain by default. (this was easily solved by exiles ability to add in structures, I think I got most of the bridges)

I also added in fuel feeds because the others didn't seem to be working quite right.


This mission file is set up for vendors to have mas and tryk loot; you can remove them from the config.cpp if you would like. There are 3 blue safe zones with trader buildings and 1 red debug safe zone.


Your normal exile_server_config.pbo for altis will work just fine as this map uses all arma 3 buildings :D



an example server is temporary running this at

The example server is running Koplic, MAS Weapons, MAS Vehicles, TRYK Uniforms

350% loot, 5x building (10 wood planks per 2 wood), and missions.

Note, this is my testing server, so it can go down whenever I feel like it, or change maps, or have the db wiped, you get the idea.

However, I really like this map, so if enough people are playing on it I will not wipe the db and run it like a normal server and get another server for testing stuff



Just open this image with winrar for the mission.pbo file for Koplic. (the 2 'missions' that are running on the map image below are from a different server side mod)




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