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hey guys just wanting to know if anyone is having issues where a player gets kicked off the server for upgrading there flag. here is mone of my erros in publicvariable


06.11.2015 23:16:38: Muhammad R Lee ( cfca6f672602114f5d1efa72a68c2140 - #0 "PVAHR_0f8j7w2l2n8f" = ["e0woldo130y6lm",["Muhammad R Lee","76561198011101107","HLOG",[66,97,100,83,99,111,114,101,32,111,110,32,67,108,105,101,110,116,58,32,97,100,100,101,100,32,55,53,48,48,48,32,82,69,83,80,69,67,84,33,32,40,56,52,54,55,53,32,115,104,111,117,108,100,32,98,101,32,57,54,55,53,41]],"2:4565"]


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