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Bambi time out, spawn invisible, spawn as bird "INFISTAR PROBELM"


Hi guys, i know this forum have this issue hundred of times and people.

But i make it just to collect all post information and my own research. This post is made for FINALLY kill this problem from the root.

I got a OVH gaming server, running in windows server 2012 WITH ALL THE FREAKING updates. I set up arma 3 1.52 server with this mods:

@Exile, @Exileserver, @Zombies&Demons, @mas weapons ( nato & russian), @mas vehicles (nato and russian), and the @INFISTARservermod! 

----IM GONNA BE STRAIGHT, i never use inISTAR before, i try use different admin tools for exile, for me, EXILE MOD NEED TO HAVE A ADMIN TOOL EMBEDED at soon as possible and i want EICHI see this post.

Theres a lot of people like me, trying to help this mod get better, without a embeded admin tool our time for test is getting longer.


So i was more brave i look for a infistar PIRATE COPY!! with the test drive, i can know if is worth pay 30$. I CAN PAY IT! but the thing of pay per update scare a lot of people.


So i use this weird copy, its not the infishit, its a real infistar release of september.

After a time, using the admin tool and antihack, people start getting problems of connection, bambi request time out, spawn like a bird, spawn invisible in one island.


This is my research.

I see a lot of people getting this kind of problems and few answer a straight answer.



-------------------------need to remove the restrinction of the MySql ( how?) easy.. all depend the app you are using...

if you use the Mysql community app, the one have the workbench, the one THE EXILE SERVER TUTORIAL recomend to use, YOU NEED TO LOOK INSIDE PROGRAM DATA, and not PROGRAM FILES. after that, type on search " my.ini"

C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\ my.ini


edit and  look for sql-mode=

neet to have exactly this:  sql-mode="NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER,NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION"


---------------------------------------------------- IF YOU GOT XAMMP is totally different--------------------------------------------------------------

my.ini is located inside the app folder.   

In both case   my-default.ini    IS A SAMPLE is not the real file.



but sojme user still spawning like a bird or invisible!!!!

yes, i try to run a clean database, with out infistar and problem solved... i activated back and problem came back.

I no find the way to run only the admin tool ( BECAUSE IS THE ONLY THING A LOT OF USER NEED ) because the antihack without BE filter is nothing. REALLY.


i just remove infistar from parameters... and the users that have the problems, i get in the database and delete them from PLAYERS SCHEMA... not from account.

then, they spawn like a bambi but having territories and the money.

___ this way resolve too the problem of change the construction and tell you "you are not the owner" but the database show that territory have your uid.


i try this with 5 admins and i can SHOW the problems.

im available any time.

im planning to buy infistar soon, WHAT STOP ME? i need to know if the current version have this problem fixed, i see a lot of people here having the original one and still with the same problem, i want more info of how much to pay per update or need to buy the update with the full price.


COME ON INFISTAR i need you see this post.!!!

lets talk about the problem...

EICHI--- a admin tool gonna be more helpfull for people want to help other in forums and their servers, theres 4 criticals ways of dupe on exile EASY to resolve, but that take me a month discovered because i no have a way to TP safe on any part of the map/.//



waiting response.

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