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So this is really just an idea from another Arma 3(not Exile) server.

For a while my clan played on Altis life. On Altis life their is this thing called "the cartels." Basically what a cartel is, is it's an area available for capture that makes money for those who capture it. So here is the idea for it. So for lets say the arms dealer, once(or maybe twice) per restart something like a mission spawns, it could or could not have AI at it, I guess that's up to you guys. This would be kind of end game content for the more developed groups to go and fight at. Perhaps inside the crate would be some more high end weaponry such as a couple of Cyrus's, a few MAR 10's and maybe a chance for a Navid or an SPMG. This could obviously be adjusted. Now these large groups have to protect it when it spawns again.

The other cool thing about this is you wont have huge large clans rolling up to a food supplies mission(for those who don't know the loot there is obviously below average) and shreking the 1 or 2 noobs there who end up rage quitting the server. Instead that huge group might just be at a 3 way Arms Dealer fight.

So once or twice per restart a group has a chance to capture the Arms Dealer which traffics guns in and out to the outside world and the owner places a tax on the weapons. Lets say it's for the sake of example an adjustable tax(controlled by the owner) of 2 to 10 percent, it would tax all guns being bought and sold at the traders. Groups could adjust to tax so if they want to be greedy they max it at 10 or be nice and put it at 2. I also believe that if it is captured by Group 1 and no one else captures it for restarts on end it should stay captured by group 1 and not become unclaimed.

Post your thoughts below.

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