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Fresh setup, getting "member already defined"

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OK so in learning to set a server up i made a total mess and as you do started again having hopefully learnt some things.


Beyond the basic setup procedure in the PDF all i've added is an exile.esseker.pbo and accompanying exile_server_config.pbo which has CfgBuildings_Esseker.h and CfgBuildings_Altis.h.

in the config.cpp it has this:

class CfgBuildings
			#include "CfgBuildings_Altis.h"
			#include "CfgBuildings_Esseker.h"



I'm getting this on launch:

File exile_server_config\CfgBuildings_Esseker.h,, line 36:  /CfgBuildings.Land_i_Stone_houseSmall_v2_F: Member already defined



is it something simple like in the code above? doesn't look quite right to me but I'm new to this




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