Linux scheduled backups and cleanup.

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Here is a couple of scripts that will backup database with date/time stamps and cleanup old backups.

First let's create the backup script.


# Change DATABASE, USER, and PASS to match your
# mysql parameters.
# DBSERVER can be changed IF you have enabled remote
# access to your MySQL server.
# Change DEST to where you would like to store backups.
# No trailing /
FILE=$DEST/exile.`date +"%Y_%m_%d_%H%M"`.sql

mysqldump --opt --user=${USER} --password=${PASS} ${DATABASE} > ${FILE}

gzip $FILE

Now we create the cleanup script.


# Database Cleanup Script
# Change DEST to your backup directory, no trailing /
# Change +30 to the age in days to delete. (+7 = 7 days +30 = 30 Days)
find $DEST/* -mtime +7 -exec rm {} \;

Use the "crontab -e" command to schedule these scripts. You can use this to help with your schedule.

I add this to the end of my cron to schedule backups every 30 minutes and cleanup once a week. (4am sundays)

You will want to change the locations of your scripts accordingly.

#Exile Database Backup
*/30 * * * * /home/unbound/scripts/dbbackup.sh

#Exile Backup Cleanup
0 4 * * 0 /home/unbound/scripts/dbcleanup.sh

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