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Hey everyone,

I'm new to Exile/Arma Hosting and am running a dedicated box. I've build 2 servers off the guides here and everything is going fine, problems come but they get resolved. This error however from battleye I just can't seem to resolve and I feel it's beginning to hurt my server and the small community I have crafted so far.

Players seem to get kicked completely randomly by battleye, doesn't matter what they are doing in game, or how long they have been in game (they even get kicked on login), I can see no pattern to these kicks what so ever, it's always the same kick (after talking with players, they always report doing different things in game when it happened), with completely no information about the error. Usually you have to add new filter for a mod or script etc.. we all know that score but this one is different. Here are few that happened yesterday..

-extract from deleteVehicle.log file (names and guids have been removed)

07.11.2015 16:37:06: playerA (xxx) xxx - #0 2:12106
07.11.2015 16:38:46: playerB (xxx) xxx - #0 2:12421
07.11.2015 20:51:22: playerC (xxx) xxx - #0 2:9822
07.11.2015 20:51:22: PlayerD (xxx) xxx - #0 2:9822
07.11.2015 21:51:14: playerE (xxx) xxx - #0 2:12495

As you can see the error is absolutely useless, it gives me nothing to go on. Secondly as mentioned it's always the Delete Vehicle Restriction Kick. I would love some advice on how to combat this, as part from a few people that have made there home on this server, I feel new people are just leaving when it happens.

Here's everything I have noticed about this kick in bullet form.

  • Kick: Delete Vehicle Restriction #0 (What players see on screen)
  • Happens: Completely randomly, whether logging in, building, looting, driving, idling you name it, it will kick you.
  • Frequency: Multiple times per day, currently about 5 times per day, but with bigger player-base I would expect more.
  • All players: doesn't matter if you are an admin, or a player. everyone is affected.
  • Log: deletevehicle.log
  • Error: As above, nothing to go off. just #0
  • Tools: battleye / infistar
  • Scripts: RF3 Exile, DMS, VEMF, StatusBar, playerMarkers (if this helps at all)

Here's my battleye filter.

-- deleteVehicle.txt battleye filter

7 "" !"NVG_Target" !"Shot" !="Exile_Unit_Player" !"_Preview"

I'd really appreciate any insight or help on this matter, I've seen a few other vague mentions of this over the forums and would really like to get to the bottom of this. Stability is an absolute must for me, and this is just hurting the server.

If you need anything else, please just let me know and I can provide it.

I'm a developer also, and am very familiar with hosting, MySQL, programming etc. so I can handle technical stuff. I'm just new to Arma / Exile.

Many Thanks in advance.


Rimmerworld Exile

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King, this isn't a long term fix by any means, but you could change the start of the only line of your battleye filter from 7 to 1, meaning it will just report to the log and not automatically kick the player. In the meantime, maybe some smart fellers around here can figure it out.

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Hi Spartan,

Thanks for the response, I have tried this approach as it was one of my first thoughts, but unfortunately if i don't keep it at 7, the kick error simply spams the server and makes it unresponsive. It literally writes out the error multiple times a second, my deleteVehicle logfile grew to 40mb in a matter of minutes the first time it triggered (as i wasn't watching it). This happened a few times, so I have to keep it as a kick to prevent this.

I just can't replicate it at all, which is the most frustrating thing of all.

Funny thing is the dev server doesn't suffer from this, and its the exact same build, on the exact same dedicated hardware. But i suppose the dev server doesn't have the traffic the public one does. I've just got to keep digging, I just wish there we more logs i could look at....

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That's frustrating. Delete the deleteVehicle.txt file (save a copy first). This isn't a fix directly for the kick you're getting, but it should keep people from getting kicked due to the deleteVehicle.txt filter.

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Well I'm pleased to report that has indeed sorted the problem (why wouldn't it i suppose), over 24hrs now without a single deleteVehicle kick. It's been a nice change for the loyal guys on there.

I'm now only left with some questions on what exactly the deleteVehicle.txt is suppose to prevent, and perhaps what exploits people can achieve with it not being there. But I'll seek that from the BE site and Google.

Thanks again Spartan, you legend.

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Its actually something like this - I use it in another file but you can generate numbers in a formula rather than just leaving yourself open to cheaters and hackers


not sure how it works exactly (a single number is [0-9] but generating the multiple 10/100/1000's is beyond me]  and you may need to alter but could be a good google phrase. I found help here:


hope it helps

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