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Removed triggers from mission file -> please remove also markers!

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  • Removed triggers from the default mission file completely. Exile does not use triggers anymore to detect if a player enters a safe zone. This will increase performance. Please report back to us in the "Feedback" forum how large the impact on your server / game was.

 At first my feedback about transfering triggers from the mission file into a script:

I have already done it (okay, not in Exile...) and it gave me no appreciale difference in server fps, but...

It is much easier and more comfortable to define "sensors" as an array in a script.

Because that, I have also defined all my Trader-Markers within a serverside script (GlobalMarker).

To make this in Exile, it is necessary to redefine the "ExileTraderZoneMarkerPositions", because the Server and Client defines them instant after the mission file is read (and the custom markers will not be included then).

My wish is to take the mission file clean and define all "Sensors" (are not really sensors anymore) and Markers by scripts!

Developer, any Chance? :)

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