11/12/2017 - UPDATE Download From: https://github.com/jakehekesfists/DMD_BuildingReplace

To simplify everything I have made this script into a server side pbo.
Simply download the pbo from github and place it in your @exileserver\addons\ folder

If you wish to make any alterations to the setup, edit config.cpp and adjust accordingly
this can be modified to work with other maps, simply follow the chernarus template in config.cpp  ensure you have the correct worldname.
eg. xcam_taunus for Taunus.

All replaced buildings will be passed into exile's simulation manager once the script has completed, this will ensure players can open and close doors.
WARNING: some of the buildings may overlap roads in some places, or some churches may poke through the fence. you may find some floating signposts around. but overall, at least theres more places to loot. 
Gorka factory is especially bad for floating... so theres a fix for it Here:     http://pastebin.com/ccxpeAra

Some Screenshots:
Infistar Server Diagnostics: (I have a LOT of custom map edits running on this server. and A whole lot of AI missions. Server FPS @ 49 / 50) - Minimal impact.
Zeleno (Hospital not included)

Stary (Barracks behind red shed not included)