BE: Ryanzombies Script Restriction #24

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I am getting kicked for Script Restriction #24

Everything i can find in my Server Log is this :

11:28:12 "ExileServer - Player RisK (UID 76561198075454039) connected!"
11:28:20 Client: Remote object 4:0 not found 

and this :

generate_zone    = compile preprocessFile "ZOM\generate_zone.sqf";
if (ZOMWALKING == 1)"
15.11.2015 12:22:59: RisK ( 0821a8a7fc3ae585a91fe320533eb768 - #24 "t = false;   
ZOMhclientname = "HC";   


I tried to add all BE filters but nothing happend.

Please help me!

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@rSk you won't find your battleye restrictions in your servers RPT logs, you will need to find your scripts.log file first.

Feel free to join me on teamspeak and i can help you out:

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