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On screen mission message display

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I searched but without success.

I installed an arma3 server with exilmod and with random missions. When a mission is generated, players have a message on the screen during play.

Now, I try to change the configuration of this message (location, font, color, size).

Someone knows where I can do that ?

Thank you

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Hi Jski,

Thank you for your answer. Im' using the @FUMS mod ( I tried to ask my question in this thread but no answer.

I don't know if the message is configured in this mod, in Exilmod or in Arma base game.

In fact, when a mission start, I have the message in the middle of the screen and I want to move it upper left. But I really don't know where I must search. I tried to open a lot of config file in exil server, exil client and Fums mod but I'm not yet fluent in sqf code and I don't find anything.

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