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My friends and I are looking into expanding our small Arma 3 Exile group. We have no set hours or preferred time zone, we just play whenever we can, generally on a daily basis. For a good preview of how we like to play, please head over to my YouTube channel and have a look at a few of my videos.

Are you a bit of an elitist? Are you mature, not necessarily in age, but in attitude? Do you possess the critical thinking skills required to calmly navigate in-game bugs/glitches? Do you laugh at players who ragequit? If so, then you'd be an excellent addition to our group and we'd be happy to have you given you're willing to agree to the following conditions.

  • Own and use both a microphone and headphones for Teamspeak
  • Agree to a strict use of push-to-talk
  • Be vocal. Call out the targets you see. Call out what your intentions are.
  • Be skilled enough to play and engage in PVP on your own. We're not looking for someone who will only play if everyone else is online.
  • Have a good, non-defeatist attitude; No ragequitting.

If this sounds like you, please add me on Steam[3].

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