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ive looked everywhere for a solution to this but cannot find it.

in the A3XAI mod config file there is an entry to turn on/off picking up AI radio signals and messages 

//Enable or disable radio message receiving. Players with radios or part of a group with at least one radio will be able to intercept some AI communications. (Default: 0)
    enableRadioMessages = 0;

i have tried setting this to both 0 and 1 but still get no messages, we have radios in our loadouts and i have seen this working on other servers.

is there something else i should do/have for this to work?

thanks in advance for any help


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Don't get this wrong. Client Files are not meant to be installed by the client. They only need to be installed on server. they need to be in the root of the mission pbo. The client user does not need any of these files on his local computer. If Admin did a correct installation on his server clients who are joining his server will download this clientfiles automaticaly with the server mission file.




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6 hours ago, ThrottleFox said:

A few players have asked about this for my server, any chance of getting the files as well. Thanks

If you read the installation guide of A3XAi on github you will find that the files you need to install for your player already are in the file. Look at folder "2.Client Addon" . Installation see below. Only Server needs to install this! Clients don't need any further files.


A3XAI Client Optional Addon

1. How to install
The A3XAI client optional addon is used by A3XAI to run client-side commands. To install:
1. Unpack your mission pbo file (example: Exile.Altis.pbo) and copy the A3XAI_Client folder into the extracted folder.
2. Edit your extracted mission folder's init.sqf (if no init.sqf exists - create one) and insert this at the end:

    #include "A3XAI_Client\A3XAI_initclient.sqf";

3. Repack your mission pbo file.
4. Add the required BattlEye filters found in "Needed BE Exceptions for Client Addon.txt"
5. Start your server.

2. How to configure
Edit A3XAI_client_config.sqf to change settings and enable/disable features. By default, all features are enabled.

Brief summary of available settings:

A3XAI_radioMsgs:                     Enables text message warnings to players with radios when they are under pursuit by AI.
A3XAI_client_radioSounds:            Enables audio notifications.
A3XAI_client_radioMessage<number>:    Set radio text messages intercepted from AI communications.


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