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[RW] DaCoon

To many "new" things on the island

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Am im the only one out there, who is thinking its kind of strange (towards the idea of a prisson island)

That they have new cars , neverending supply of gas ( not guessing the local Shell is dropping by to fill up the gas stations)

or your local car company is exporting there new models of hatchbacks ( or any other car for that sake ) to the loyal customers of Exile :-D


Could it not be cool if instead people could craft some kinds of Cars / Transpoortations them self by some of all the metal platings, tires ( the new ones ) and so  to follow the prison island idea a bit more them self.

Maby even drop gas supplys in by air for them instead, so the prisoners woul have to fight for the gas for there transportaion.

or at least some custom skins for the cars ingame so they dont look as new as they do now :-)

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