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Need help to install the mods All In Arma, MAS, RHS (USAF & AFRF), TRYK

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I followed all the instruction I saw on the forum which is... 

-The mod @xxx folder in the root 

-the bikey in the key folder

-the @xxx in the server manager server Mods 

-added the weapons/vehicles list to the config.cpp

-added the same thing to the config.cpp in the exile_server_config    


BTW no error in my RTP it didn't even showed up in the list, weird.

Got an M107 error which seem everybody have. When I try to join the server it didn't work. So I put the @xxxx in the client mods too thinking that was probably my mistake, the game kick me after that. 

I tried another server the same thing. I reverted my work except for the folder in the root are still there. I was still getting kicked. So I deleted and reinstalled the 2 RHS mod from my launcher. It fixed my problem, I can now join my server without getting kicked.


I don't know what was the problem I would really love if somebody can help me with that. I want these Mods All In Arma terrain pack, MAS, RHS (USAF & AFRF), TRYK




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