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Intel Xeon architecture low FPS?


Dear Exile Developer,

I love your mod but just got one problem and noone is able to help me. I dont get more than 25FPS on every Exile Server.

My System

Windows 8.1 64bit
Intel Xeon E3 1245v3
Samsung SSD 850 Evo 120GB
Kingston SSD 120GB
WD Blue 500GB
8GB Corssair Ram 1600mhz
AMD Radeon 280x
Asrock h87 Pro4

I tried many launch Parameter for Arma, disabled Hyper Thearding and tried to change my graphic settings. Everything dont changed anything. In every other Arma3 Mod like Breaking Point, Epoch or Battle Royal I have 50FPS and more. All my drivers and bios is up to date. 

Have you any tipps or is there any problem with the architecture from my Xeon? Have you any other tipps or know performance problems? I really enjoy playing the mod but its not possible to go in any fight with this frames its like unplayable. I hope i can get a solution for this.

Best Regards

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You only need error correcting if you're running a Xeon as a server, if you run it as a desktop it's just a more efficient i7 without onboard gpu.

OP, I would suggest overclocking the cpu and gpu for more fps and re-enabling HT

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