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Got a server want a good team.

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Hey there folks!

My name is Fredrik "Swompen", I'm 27 years old and from Sweden.

The thing i'm currently looking for is a team of people who wants to make a cool experience for players.

A server with Zombies, AI's and tons of other features you might think of.

What i have:

Money, easy as that.

I'm willing to get a good host for the server for a pre-built server or a good team to help me figure out how to go from there.

I got base knowledge in coding and modding so i can help on that area as well, but I'm no pro nor got i time to spend 10+ hours a day making it work alone.

(I borrowed this section from another post, well written and all that)

What do i want:

  • A team that has unique ideas
  • Ready-to-play Server files (or if you can give me a decent plan, we can talk about everything)
  • A developer which has experience in scripting and programming
  • People who just want to start something new but do not have the money


What do i give:

  • A host
  • My dedication to administrating a gameserver and keeping it up 99% of the time( server maintenance excluded)
  • Purchased infistar antihack & admintools for exile
  • Money to keep the server up as im paying it alone right now
  • Full access for the developer and head admin
  • Time


Note* I'm not doing this to steal server files, easy as that.

I NEED help to maintain a server up and I'm willing to double up with people to do so.


Regards, Swompen.

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