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Hi, I wonder if its suffirais 80slot exile for a hosted server?

  • Processor Intel® Xeon® 5600
  • 4 vCore @ 2.4GHz
  • 6144 Mo RAM DDR3 ECC
  • 30 Go en disk SSD
  • 1 adress IPv4
  • Connexion : 120Mbps
  • Distribution : windows.pngcentos.pngubuntu.pngdebian.pngfedora.png
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It will be laggy if its 80/80 players because the CPU clock speed is rather low. Actually, most machines get laggy with 80/80 players atm regardless of their specs. But you generally want a machine with 3.0+ ghz if you want to host that many slots. The ram is ok I guess so is the SSD.

Is the server a root machine or VPS?

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With the current Arma 3 build 1.50, there is no way you'll get to 80 players without the server being shit. 

I'm running some realism servers as well, you wouldn't believe how many work-arounds I did to make it stable at 30-40 FPS, I mean... I have to put in a headless client, and make a load balancer so the server loads AI over to HC instead. 

We're all waiting for a fix from Bohemia, but if I know them right, the next hotfix will fix this high player count performance issue, but will break something else that's vital to a stable server. As Defent said, you want to go with a CPU with 3.0+ GHz for that amount of players. 

I'm running a 3.4 GHz, Octo-core, and I only utilize 20% maximum with 1 dedicated server, Arma shit engine yes? :D

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