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Missing cartridges for weapons when entering the server


sorry google translate


when coming to any server exile with mods and mods without any map after some time (1-5 minutes) disappears from the inventory holder to the main arms
I tested on different servers altis, chernarus with different modes and is always the same.
disappears differently from one to two cages at a time
clip can not divide unless quickly reconnect to a server

time 1:55



also when entering the server and change of clothes / unloading / pack holder may be lost.

time 1:23


Cage disappeared on servers with both modes and without mods! on pure exile and altis


Thanks for mod!

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the same thing on a clean server Eksele without mods
in the first embodiment cage disappears over time without the player's actions when rejoining the server



in the second embodiment clip disappears with the change of the backpack when rejoining the server



Edited by DarkJIuSu4ka

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