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Mission.sqm Encrypted?

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All i see when i open mission.sqm in any text editor is a giant HASH file... as if it was encrypted...: 

0072 6150 0000 0000 0800 0000 5447 0000
0005 0102 7665 7273 696f 6e00 0c00 0000
004d 6973 7369 6f6e 005a 0000 0000 496e
7472 6f00 4043 0000 004f 7574 726f 5769
6e00 9c44 0000 004f 7574 726f 4c6f 6f73
6500 f845 0000 5447 0000 0007 0261 6464
4f6e 7300 0200 6578 696c 655f 636c 6965
6e74 0000 6133 5f6d 6170 5f61 6c74 6973
0002 6164 644f 6e73 4175 746f 0002 0065
.. ETC

It seems no one else has this issue cause ive searched and searched... this is also preventing me from opening it in any editor... Is this normal? 

I'm using PBO Manager to open and unpack all my PBOs and have been using this tool since Altis Life days

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Unbinarize it with arma3 tools

Cfg2bin & bin2cfg

Thanks, ended up using a different unpbo tool that i think did this step automatically.

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