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Some users disconnecting seconds after joining


I am having an issue on my server where some users join the server and get disconnected about a second later.

This doesn't happen all the time but it does seem to happen to everyone the very first time they try and connect.

Here is an example of some of the people disconnecting:

7:07:39 PM | Player #3 Ethan (-) connected
7:07:57 PM | Player #3 Ethan - GUID: - (unverified)
7:07:57 PM | Verified GUID (-) of player #3 Ethan
7:07:59 PM | Player #3 Ethan disconnected
7:08:24 PM | Player #3 user (-) connected
7:08:25 PM | Player #3 user - GUID: - (unverified)
7:08:26 PM | Verified GUID (-) of player #3 user
7:08:28 PM | Player #3 user disconnected

I find that this problem is causing a lot of people to not try and rejoin and thus affecting my server population.

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My very first thought is that players are trying to connect when their Mods don't agree with what is allowed on the server. I'm not very bright, though, so I could be way off.

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On 27/11/2015 09:52:18, Durzo said:

Alrighty then, I guess that's the case.

Thank you guys!


I am having very similar issue, with Exile Server.
Battleye(or Exile, i don't know) is banning people, without reason.

Clean Bans.txt(battleye folder) and no logs.

Very, very strange issue.

These players are able to connect on any other Exile Mod server, without issues.


That means: "You are banned".

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