[SOLVED] View distance settings on the server(s) you play on and/or admin?

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Hi All!

(I hope this is in the right section)

After really enjoying the Exile mod for a few months I decided to start my own server. I looked around and found a lot of information on how to set the view distances but not a whole lot of discussion on what settings people are actually using.

So what is the terrain and object view distance on the server(s) you play on or admin?

Feel free to include the server specs and/or PC specs, details, and/or opinions.

I understand that the settings are anecdotal, whats good for you might not be good for me, and all that. But still I'm curious.

infiSTAR includes a default setting of 800 for both object and terrain, but I have been playing around with different values up to 2000.


Currently my server has:

View Distance: 1500

Object Distance: 1500

Notes: The server is low pop at the moment so its mostly my friends and I PVE against the missions. My PC is able to stay around 60-70 fps with the graphics settings I have. Occasional drops into 20-30 fps when certain missions load.


Server Specs:

Proc: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz


HDD: 2 x 240 GB SSD (RAID1)

OS: CentOS 7


Side note: Thank you to the Exile team for the mod and thank you users for all of the resources on getting my server up and running! I have had a lot of fun playing and setting up the server!



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I run an Exile server and have it set to ViewDistance Value  = 2500 and ObjectViewDistance = 2000.  This might seem a bit high for regular servers but we like being able to use the sniper rifles to their full potential.  As a PVE server we don't have to balance bambi's vs fully kitted players.

Server specs

AMD Phenom II Black Edition 3.4GHz - JUST UPGRADED to AMD FX8350 4.0GHz (will prob OC this one)

8gb RAM


We have a lot of AI roaming around hunting players and missions running and we get good fps both sides, obiviously it suffers as we get full, as all servers do.

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1 hour ago, KILO-INDIA-ALPHA said:

Hi guys, where did you get the file to edit the view distance?

Exad has this option as I am not sure if default exile does

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