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help me configure my init file

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hi I add my server my Roadblocks in his walk not I wonder if little quelqun help me confirgurer the init file is my confirguration I did
CERAI its nice to help me thank you for avavnce

// Badmin Exile by Biabock

#define DEBUG false

[DEBUG] call compiles preprocessFileLineNumbers "BAdmin \ globalCompile.sqf";

execVM "scripts \ blckClient.sqf";
execVM "scripts \ R3F \ init.sqf";

ETG_Cargo_Drop_Mission = 0;
_nul execVM = "ETG_HeliCrashAndDropScript.sqf";

if (! isDedicated) then
if (hasInterface) then // Normal player
execVM "BAdmin \ client \ init.sqf";

if (IsServer) then
diag_log "Badmin - Initializing";
[] ExecVM "BAdmin \ server \ init.sqf";

switch (_this) do {
// Key U
case 22: {
no = [] execVM "BAdmin \ client \ systems \ adminPanel \ checkAdmin.sqf";

{waituntil isnull (finddisplay 46)!};
(findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown," "select this _ 1 OPEN_bADMIN_FNC call; false;"];

// Patrouillen, AreaX, Camps
if (! isDedicated) then {
_nul = [] execVM "A3XAI_Client \ A3XAI_initclient.sqf";

// Roadblocks With AI
if (IsServer) then {
execVM "Roadblocks \ RoadInit.sqf"};
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