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Server not Shown in Serverlist


Hi Guys.

Since two days im trying to set up a Test-Server on my notebook.

Everything seems to work fine.

I can join the Server via either IP4-adress on direct-join and i can find it in LAN-Tab.

BUT: If my friends try to join via Steam it says: Server not responding.

Also they cant find the Server via Filters nor with IP.

The only way they were able to join onto my Server was via Hamachi on Lan.

I double checked everything.(including firewall).

I really need at least an idea of what could be the problem.


Ty in Advance 


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On Mon Nov 30 2015 17:21:28 GMT+0100 (Mitteleuropäische, bregan5 said:

Check you ports. I wouldn't ever try to run an arma server off a laptop.

It`s just for testing purposes BEFORE the changes going live on my real server. But thx anyways. Still couldnt figure out what the problem is/was.

Solved it by killing that God damn freakin Windows Firewall completely and using Hamachi to create a virtual Lan-Network

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