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Any known territory player bug?

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Hello there.

We are a big group playing Exile on Lingor island. As the server restarted, we drove off to the safezone to do some business.

As we came back (max 5 min later), there were two explosives planted infront of our maingates. We avoided them and went into our base. The first thing we noticed was that every door was unlocked and open (well, we were using the same code for pretty much every door. Won't happen again, but this isn't the matter). It looked like someone used this thermal scanner thing to get our codes, so far so good. Just a normal baseraid.

We moved in and locked them (5 players) on the top floor of our base. After waiting some minutes and talking to them, I saw a green wall appearing and asked my mates who the fuck is building there, but no one was. So I checked the Territory in my XM8 and noticed that there were 2 enemy players added to our base. 

Only me and a mate I trust could have invited them, but we didn't. One of them was also promoted.


So my question is, is there any known bug that causes something like this? Or is it possible to somehow use hack tools to get this done?


Thanks, I'm looking forward to hear your answers.

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